Ancient Egyptian Cosmos 

Seen through the ancient Greek Eyes..

History of Astrology

A short post about following the line of Astrology through centuries of changing empire's.


What is Astrology?

That is really a good question, with an equal good and logical answer. One could compare fate with astrology, it always changes.. always in motion..

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Constellation of Cancer

The Geek mythology behind each constellation always seems to consist of more than one constellation. We clearly see how each is connected to each other, making in a chain of events, rather than one persons ideology. Astrology is a broader term, where a Horoscope is only a small individual part of it.
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Ancient Astronomy

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Some thousands of years ago, our ancestors also wrote about the stars, but they used a different form to express their thoughts and ideas. There was no division in romantic tales and poetic knowledge, it was all mixed into a artistically image of pure symbolism.

History 101

The Macedonian Alexandria the Great conquered the Ancient Egyptian civilization, and he gave it as a present to his close friend Ptolemy.

They never chose to destroy the ancient holy land, and the name Hieroglyphics reflects what their heart thought about this land. That it truly was the Holy land.

Watch Stars

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