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NEW: Call me a Star Watcher, I can sit for hours just looking at the stars with my naked eye. so when I found out that I did not need a telescope anymore to see the stars, I was ecstatic to say the least. Learn more »

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Valentines Asteroid Event - World Ending Events 15 Feb 2013..

People thought that the world would end in December 2012 based on the Mayan Prophecy surrounding their cultures calendar, yet we did not...

On the other hand I find it very interesting, if not fascinating, that no one really cares about this actual - REAL asteroid that is heading our way, and it is not a small one.

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Actually this blog could be considered to be about ASTROSOPHY (gr.: Sophia = wisdom, Wisdom about the stars). A term used for a more modern astrology form that is more based upon a spiritual perception of astrology and astronomy.

This blog is not about individual horoscopes, there you should probably look for a horoscope blog. In this blog I try to re-connect to the ancient idea behind astrology.
I have found many connection between different historical events and mythological tales, and connected them to real archeological finds.

WorldWide Telescope

Posted: 13.12.2012
I have created a short video to show you a magnificent piece of software called WorldWide Telecope, and it is FREE!
If you can't find it or have some issues then please do not hesitate to ask.
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Video Clip Scorpion - Libra - Virgo

This post is more about.. should we say a far fetch theory (idea/thought) I like to think, if you hadn't noticed *lol* Anyway in this post I had a look at Virgo, scales, Scorpio and their placement, how perfectly fitting they seem.
3 Constellations together...
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Ancient Egyptian Cosmos 

Seen through the Greeks Eyes..

History of Astrology

A short post about following the line of Astrology through centuries of changing empire's.

What is Astrology?

That is really a good question, with an equal good and logical answer. One could compare fate with astrology, it always changes.. always in motion..

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Constellation of Cancer

The Geek mythology behind each constellation always seems to consist of more than one constellation. We clearly see how each is connected to each other, making in a chain of events, rather than one persons ideology. Astrology is a broader term, where a Horoscope is only a small individual part of it.
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History 101

The Macedonian Alexandria the Great conquered the Ancient Egyptian civilization, and he gave it as a present to his close friend Ptolemy.

They never chose to destroy the ancient holy land, and the name Hieroglyphics reflects what their heart thought about this land. That it truly was the Holy land.


Some thousands of years ago, our ancestors also wrote about the stars, but they used a different form to express their thoughts and ideas. There was no division in romantic tales and poetic knowledge, it was all mixed into a artistically image of pure symbolism.