Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mayan prophecy 21 December 2012

People thought that the world would end in December 2012 based on the Mayan Prophecy surrounding their cultures calendar, yet we did not. Then some said it was not our end, but rather a consciousness ending. Yet people who speculate in these theories, never really do the ground breaking research themselves, they just build on existing theories, using their own words as the proof, as fare as I have seen and heard.

The Mayan people was used to manipulate many people to believe in the 'end of times' much more, this is probably due to our endless destructive ways in general. we are a rather paranoid species, especially considering that we are the Apex predator only bending to natures elements.

People lacked the knowledge about the Mayan civilization, and their ideas and beliefs, which would quickly have killed of the Mayan prophecy 21 December 2012 theory. Their calendar is more section built, when a sheet of paper ends, it does not mean that the so called understanding of life would end.

Incoming... Asteroid 2012 DA14

On the other hand I find it very interesting, if not fascinating, that no one really cares about this actual - REAL asteroid that is heading our way, and it is not a small one.

Normally I would not pay attention to asteroids, because they are actually very common. If people only knew more about the universe, then they might not be too feed up with our human mistakes. At least not be traumatized from childhood because an idiot adult squashes us like a bug, right from the get-go. Sorry for that, but a lot of our mental problems tend to be born in us, at a very young age.

The only thing that made me raise my eyebrow a little bit, was the path of this Asteroid 2012 DA14. It is heading straight between Earth and the Moon, a rather tight line if you take the entire space into account. 
NASA suspect it to come closer to us, than our own public satellites ( 14,913 miles)...


We still seem to be caught up by our own paranoia, that our beliefs is the sole right thing..

I only base this on the fact that so many people believed that the world would end (as they thought the Mayan calendar predicted..) They were proven wrong, even before the day itself, by the Mayans own understanding of the cosmos and life in general (underestimating them), they just did not care to read the smaller text at the bottom (as we could say).

Yet no one has made any end-prediction of any sort about the incoming REAL Asteroid. Which is a scientific fact, not based on beliefs, but pretty dam visible in the back rear window. 

This means that even in 2012-2013 we are still at a very primitive level in our existence, since 'beliefs' again triumphs over REAL 'Fact' in the general human perception..
Scary if you ask me....

let's just pray for a asteroid fly-by earth.


From NASA - Asteroid 2012 DA14 to Safely Pass Earth


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