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Round and round everything spins, and wherever it stops it always begins. 

The paradox of life is everywhere we look, yet we do not have time to look. 

The Zodiac is an eternal paradox, which no science nor spiritual leader can explain. When and where it was created, is Unknown, many have theories, but it is still unknown. 

It is said that in ancient Egypt, they did not know about, what today is known as the Zodiac, but I personally believe they mastered it. 

We use the Greek alphabet here in the West, probably because it was the Greeks that conquered a very large part of the world, during the Punic war. 

Not only that, they were great politicians, not destroying their enemies, but making compromises, so people could co-exist.

Anyway this is some of the reason that most of the educational material we use today, directly descend from the Greeks. 

This is a little bit interesting, especially if you dig deeper into what this has brought with it. 

But no matter what we can thank the Greeks for our very basic alphabet.

The Zodiac word (Greek: ζῳδιακός, zōdiakos). 

Ptolemy I conquered Egypt from the last pharaohs, and then him and his family began to re-create temples. 

The round zodiac circle is seen in Egypt around 200 B.C and it was some from the Ptolemy's family line that changed it so.

But they were hardly the creator of such complex knowledge. Many do not notice the ancient Egyptian zodiac signs, and not many bring light upon this topic, I do wonder why? 

The ancient Egyptian would not put the zodiac signs into a circle, as the Greeks chose to do, they placed the signs wherever they liked, or wherever it was needed. 

I haven't been to one temple, which does not portray the zodiac signs. 

Their whole religious system, is build up by the complexity of both universal as well as the earthly nature. 

But I also agree in the point that it was not the ancient Egyptian that created the round Zodiac, which probably descend from Babylonian (the Chaldean people). 

A Note: The Zodiac circle existed before this time, but was first seen in Egypt at this time (even thou some ancient texts come very close to presenting almost the same idea, just with different images). 

I would say that the Zodiac circle is the first, and greatest tool when you are working with horoscopes.

 The Zodiac signs making up this circle, are



  1. Anonymous9:02 PM

    I personally like the idea of the astronomer Hugh Thurston that set the origin of the zodiac around 3000 BC and at a latitude of ca. 36ºN. He concludes that they should be the sumerians, but he fails to consider another possible candidate: the megalith builders in western Europe, at Iberia. I believe this was the real place where happened the origin of the zodiac and of the representation of the 48 classical constellations.

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  15. Excellent post and well written! Few know the full history of Astrology and there are many misconceptions but you have made it very clear and easy to understand.

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  18. Anonymous7:42 PM

    You mentioned zodiac signs in Egypt, are there any that made it into the pyramids? Specifically in seperate places? Anyway I guess it doesn't make much difference. Interesting read, I wonder, did the greeks pick up the zodiac from one of the many cultures they overcame? If so, it would be beneficial to study just what their track record is? That said, great job! ;) Cheers

  19. Thank you for all of your kind comments, they truly mean a lot.

    Dear Anonymous

    In regards to the Pyramids then I would suggest that you look at my other blog specifically the pages about the Pyramid Builders at

    Here comes a little secret about the Pyramids, it says nothing about the stars or zodiac signs inside... but..
    the overall construction of the structure is a sole dedication to the stars, or in some instances to one specific star. One pyramid is directly named after a star in the constellations of ancient Egypt. Sometimes one can stand too close to an object obscuring its real intention, if one steps back and see the totality, it reveals something greater.

    The pyramidion was the top stone of the pyramid, and is now in many cases gone, tend to mention something about the stars too.
    Every culture before the famous Punic wars were embedded and lead my their ancestors belief in the constellation on the night sky, for so many reasons that it was a regular part of them. With the Punic wars the destruction of the last connections to the ancient knowledge of the constellations seemed lost, yet it is still here in small fragments.

    The Greeks picked it up through the ancient cultures, all the way from India through ancient Arabic to ancient Egypt.
    I can tell you this, in ancient time the borderlines between countries or cultures, were by some marked with a huge stone with the zodiac signs on them, and they are still here to this day.

    I hope this was of some help.
    And Thank You.



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