Monday, June 14, 2010

From the past to the present, we have always known of our lovely Selena (Moon) and her passing over our heaven. With her, all female creatures obeys a hidden secret of our universe, they are key holders of the universal life, yet without knowing it. As the Lovely Selena she is our Moon and she bears the marks of our emotions, all of the Lords creatures moves to her beat, even the tremendous ocean, draws closer and creates our tides, to the beat of Selena's heart. She is a true daughter of her father the Lord, and her light is of the heavenly lights.
I took the picture above, on my last trip to Egypt. I would personally call these engravings of the ancient Greeks, the most beautiful of them all (in Egypt). 

The decorations of Gods and Goddess are still as beautiful as the day that they were created.

I was drawn to the Image of the Eye, my first thoughts were, that it looked a lot like the small mirrors of ancient Egypt (On the above picture you see the close-up of the eye, and the glow around the object, shows you the shape of the small mirror). 

It fits pretty well to the Moon, in that these mirrors were most often used by the ladies, and the mirror is kind of magical reflecting one self. 

Actually mirrors have often been used in ancient sacred rituals, as a bowl of water also would be. 

You can see Thoth praising the Eye, which is part of the Egyptian mythology, which the Greeks chose to re-create. 

You can read more about this at
Mysteries of ancient Egypt Blog post about the two Eyes.

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  1. Wow, i wasn't aware of waxing moon before, thanks for letting us know about this through such an interesting post. Great share...!!


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