Monday, June 28, 2010
CASE STUDY of Cetus constellation by Karima
As I was playing around with the images in the post before this, I had some interesting thoughts, which I thought I would share. So this is a little case study of Cetus and its surrounding.
I find it very interesting that on many old star maps, Pisces seems to be connected to the neck of Cetus through the cord (drawn in red on the image). 

It also looks as if Aries is lying down upon Cetus head (see the glow on the image). The notable thing here is the fact that Aries is the 1. House (the beginning) and Pisces is the 12. House (the Ending), we could call Cetus the beginning of the outer planes, as the inner plane could be seen as ending in Pisces the twelfth zodiac sign.

Sea monsters are known to almost all ancient cultures, and the people back then seemed to have classified these creatures to an even more ancient time then themselves.
In Chinese mythology a mysterious giant sea creature is known as Kun, this creature was said to be able to turn itself into a bird.

But not everyone gave this constellation the look of something enormous and scary, this is probably how we each preserve what we are looking at. Interesting to compare to these star maps, would be the zodiac circle, which must be the first ancient Greek perception of this field of stars.

another ancient sea monster is known as Tiamat, she was a primal ancient mother goddess, she was the salt water ocean. Her physical description only seem to exist in words, rather than in images. She is said to have a tail, and all other features a human or animal has like a neck, lips, mouth etc. My personal opinion; not every culture would make an image of the primal gods or goddess, probably because they saw them as being much greater than a human or anything a human can preserve.

Nammu was the primal sea goddess of the Sumerian people, she is said to have given birth to the earth and heaven. She is thought to be the first Sumerian personification of the cosmos.

In ancient Egypt the primal sea god was known as Nun, he would hold up the boat with other gods. I think the illustrations of Nun, make it look as if he is holding the earth up in the celestial abyss. Like Tiamat and Nammu he was a god of the old creation myths, in Egypt Nun had no temple like the other gods, I suspect it is because of their nature being nothing like what we can even imagine.

Even in the old Viking age did they know about the sea creature, and I would bet you that this is where the whale hunting thing descends from. He is known as Jörmungandr(Midgard Serpent), He was one of Loki's children. It is said that he was thrown into the ocean, and there the serpent like creature grew so big, that its body could surround the earth and bite his own tail.

Oannes, I am not sure this god should be mentioned in this post. This was the ancient god which the Sumerian said thought them many advanced things. He would raise from the sea and use the day teaching them how to become a better civilization, and at night he would return to the deep sea.

This was just a short study into the constellation Cetus's surroundings, it seems like an ancestor in every sense of the word, yet for me it also seems futuristic.

I also found something else, which I find most interesting. A link from this creature to an ancient city of Egypt. I will write some of what I have found about this topic on my Egypt Blog


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  4. I am so impressed with the case study you presented WindBlowerTM. Really, great! It adds my knowledge in relation to astrology. Thanks!


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