Friday, May 07, 2010
This is a short post about the normal astrological fact surrounding the zodiac sign Pisces.

Caelestis Aeternus eternus 
Latin: It says, The universial Lord is Everlasting / ertainel

Weekday: Thursday.
Element: Water.
Polarity: Negative.
Planet Ruler: Neptune (traditionally, Jupiter).
House: 12.

This sign is seen as the last stage of the archetypal evolution. This last stage, is also the hardest to understand, because here we do not serve any social group, but instead we serve the universe itself, and that which drives it. Through this sign all other signs surrender to that which is higher. But only few ever do this.


Pisces has a slight tendency to hide their true selves, this is because the planet ruler is Neptune, which is the mystical, the secretive, even irrational, imaginative. They might become a real mystery for their surroundings, some might even think that some Pisces live in their own world. 

Pisces is actually the most sensitive sign in the zodiac circle, they have tremendous empathy capability. They often use their intuitions in service of others, without expecting anything in return. Pisces sometimes has to retreat from others, to rebuild their energy and strength. Their partners often misunderstand this, believing that the Pisces is looking for new adventures, which is fare from the truth, as they are very loyal by nature. 

 People with Pisces as their Sun sign, are often very delightful people and have a great sense of humour, with a curtain charm to their nature. They are not usually driven by materialistic desirers, something in them makes them feel like they should search for their true inner self (which we all should do). They might struggle a little bit with this, because it means giving up all materialistic needs, which is probably mankind's greatest obstacle. 

They might not know this, but their very sensitive nature can be a basic for their artistically and creative abilities. This is because Neptune is the ruler, and with it, all levels of imagination comes too. 

It is important to understand that Pisces is the ending of the Zodiac circle, thus also making this zodiac sign a part of the new beginning. 


Pisces relationship to love is devoting, romantic, and sentimental. But even thou they are wonderful lovers and loyal towards their partners, they might also be afraid of committing to a relationship.

If you have planets placed in the Pisces sign in your horoscope chart, then you will feel the empathy of the planets, rather than feeling the forcefulness of the planets themselves. 

Neptune and Pisces belongs to the ego transcending and ultimate union with the universe higher existence. But with this level of empathy and imagination, they can easily be lure into a dream world, hereby weakening the hold on reality - the Moon is the most vulnerable in this area. 

Mars in Pisces looses a lot of its power and becomes more passive in its nature.

In the Catholic religion we also find that each Zodiac sign/house, is ruled over by an angel. In the case of Pisces, it is the 

Angel Barchiel that governs. Barchiel is one of the seven archangels, his name means The blessings of God. 
Actually he has many names, one rather interesting if you ask me. He is also known under the name Baraqiel, but he was one of the Fallen angels, and his name means Lightning of God. 

I had a rather interesting thought about this, maybe it is like the gods and goddess of ancient Egypt (these could also be called angels). 

The ancient people believed that their angels/gods/goddess were two sided creatures, meaning that they could either be destructive or show compassion. I think it might be the same in the old bible text, you have them possessing two natures/sides, probably depending on which assignment the Lord has them on. 

So much more could be written about this Zodiac sign.


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    Well done, you ranked in the top 50 Best Astrology Blogs for the month.

  2. Dear Bestastrologyblogs,

    Thank you so much! :)


  3. Really fantastic your blog. I look forward to future posts.

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  4. OMG!! Fab astrological data you have shared about Pisces over here. Thanks for the share...!!

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