Wednesday, January 06, 2010
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And a beautiful New Year it was. But it was even more special than normal, because the Moon was full in Cancer, and it was a 'blue moon' as it is called.Full Blue Moon on New years Eve 2010
Blue moon:
Normally our year calendar has 12 full moons in it, one each month, but sometimes we get two full moons in one month, where the second one is called a Blue moon. There are many stories linked to the 'blue Moon' some more fable than others, you will probably also find some folklore about this event.
But indeed it is a special event on a specific night.

Full Moon in Cancer:
It is said that the moon was full in the zodiac sign known as Cancer (but this depends on how you calculate and more, but I will keep to this sign in this post).
In Mundane astrology: Here we find that the Moon stands for: the population, the mood of the people, national security issues, women's issues. And Cancer stands for: agriculture, opposition in parliament, Land, housing.

New Years eve in Copenhagen - Denmark
In ancient Egypt, such an event would have caught the pharaoh's attention. They did not celebrate New Year on the 31 December but rather in the summer months, where Sirius rose from the dark. But they would have seen a full blue moon on the New Year day as something special.

Personal note:
A great start for a new year! Even more interesting is the fact that some people are speaking about the ‘Grand cross’ that will occur here in the summer of 2010, where we will see the planet Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter and Saturn and Mars at 0-3º Capricorn, Aries and Libra, while inner planets transit at 0-3º Cancer. It might just be that we are in for an enlightening year.

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  1. Anonymous4:19 PM


    how does it go!? happy new year! I leave you with one of the shots in space!? taken at january 6th from a really dark place in egypt!one of my best shots up to date. Meet the horsehead nebula and flame nebula. The picture shows the head of the horse and the flame like structure below Alnitak star in the constellation orion:))

  2. there is something in your words, mystical and pure, brilliant, that makes me wanna read more of your blog posts... maybe I didn't say what I wanted, because of my English which is not so good, but I hope that I sent you good hope, love and support for what you do. :)

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for sharing, it is truly a beautiful event, and what wonders our universe keeps giving us.
    Thank you once again,


  4. Dear Sanja Peric,

    I am deeply humbled, and I only hope that I can keep my words mysterious and pure and even alluring, so you will keep coming back to read. I have no problems in understanding your English, its good and not bad at all. And thank you for your sending of good hope, I wish you the very same. And may you have the best year ever, and may each day bring you joy and love.

  5. Hi, interesting post, thanks for the info.. I just knew such Blue Moon exist.
    And I think it's still not late, right? to say Happy New Year 2010 :)

  6. Dear 2012 Doomsday Predictions,

    No it is never too late, and a late Happy New year back to you, I hope you had a lovely evening/night. I am glad that you found this post informative.

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  8. New year....?
    what r your new year resolutions????

  9. Dear Screen Printing,

    Not really sure I have one.. *haha*
    Eat better/healthy :)



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