Friday, January 22, 2010
In October 2009, my parents and I visited Luxor city in Egypt. One day my mother came across a small advertisement, which she knew would be something for me. She showed me the advertisement, which was about watching the stars and planets from outside Luxor.
We had to experience that!
My Mother took these pictures of JupiterWe drove in a mini bus with other people from other hotels, everyone coming together in one mindset, with one idea in their heads, watching the stars - gazing into the universe. The further away that we drove from the city lights, the more visible the brilliant stars became. We arrived in the middle of nowhere, some kilometers from Luxor city. The only lights that were visible were the many millions from the night heaven, and no words could ever come close to describing the wonders that were visible. I stood in awe, I did not need the telescope. I had never seen it as clearly as I did this night, the emotions inside me were boiling of passion, lust to know more, to reach beyond the possible. My eyes fixed in on so many points, like my mind was scanning the heaven. We almost stood right under the Milky Way.
Two telescopes were placed besides each other pointing in different directions. I was hoping that the speakers knew enough about ancient Egypt, so they would use their mythology to explain. But they didn't. It was the typically Greek mythology, which is fine if you haven't heard it a million times before.

Did my eyes deceive me?
Or was I really starring into this galaxy
I became much lesser than an ant
Like I had never been
The thought expanded and became many
A voice whispered from the past into the future
I just heard it while it was on its way, it said
Time does not exist.
Some call it a passage, some call it a divider
But it is neither
This be the greatest mystery

I know this now: If there were no stars, then I wouldn't be able to dream.


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