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The Astrological Ages

The Twelve ages of the Zodiac

Have you ever heard of the Astrological Ages of Mankind? Other call it the Twelve Ages of the Zodiac.

Updated: 02.april.2015

The modern thoughts and theories behind the concept of an astrological age has lost its connection to the ancient spiritual side of creation itself. There are many reasons as to why it became 'lost' in fact it is not lost, just not recognized as it once was.

Many especially religious devoted people in history have used their secret knowledge about the stars and constellations to lead people astray. Which is also why they lost their true spiritual connection to their ancestors along the way.

 What age… 
Aquarius? Huh-ah! Time to get going!

Many experts on the topic of astrology agree that we are about to entered the Age of Aquarius, or that it is in the near future. 

Then there are others that have other theories, such as, that this age was more than four centuries ago. 

The ages of the zodiac is based upon the phenomenon known as the Precession of the equinoxes. 

The Precession of the equinoxes is the rotations of the earth, but also its rotation in its orbit space.

The Astrological Ages - The Twelve ages of the Zodiac
Let’s see if we can break it down even more: It is said that the earths ‘wobbling’ (and more) are following a cycle of around 25,765 years (others say 25,920 years), said in other words, it takes the equinox around 25,765 years to complete its cycle, also known as the ‘time-length’ of the Astrological age. 

The Danish Book ‘Astrological handbook’ by the great Danish author Paul Mahler Dam, explains this in a much easier way, which I here will show in short. 
The number 25,920 are much easier to work with, to make the point a little bit clearer. An Astronomical age is the total of approximately 25,920 years, and in this time period each Zodiac’ sign enters through it. 

Dividing 25,920 years with 12 gives = 2,160 years. So one Zodiac signs ‘age- length’ is set at around 2,160 years. This means that the Age of Aquarius is around 2,160 years, and so are the other ages. 

This theory fits pretty well to the fact of Jesus birth and the Egyptian symbols of the Bull/Apis and the Ram/A form of Amun (Amon – Lord of the two horns). 

From the Danish ‘Astrological handbook’ 

Pisces Astrological year – 25.599 B.C 

Aquarius Astrological year – 23.439 B.C 

Capricorns Astrological year – 21.279 B.C 

Sagittarius’ Astrological year – 19.119 B.C 

Scorpions Astrological year – 16.959 B.C 

Libra’s Astrological year – 14.799 B.C 
Virgo’s Astrological year – 12.639 B.C 
 Leo’s Astrological year – 10.479 B.C 

Some of my thoughts: (Some believe that the Sphinx might date back to around 10.500 B.C. They base the idea upon the cracks in the Sphinx ((probably more before it was restored in our modern days)), the cracks are evidence for a high rain period ((rain erosion)). 

Other fact in history might even be of further evidence for this. Because there was ((and still can come every 500 years or more)) a rain flood like no one has seen before. 

If the Nile in the meantime also rose because of the forces of the Sea, then you would have something like a Flood. 

Not only that, in older record books they speak about an inland island in North Africa, so the possibilities are indeed there). 

Cancer’s Astrological year – 8.319 B.C 
Gemini’s Astrological year – 6.159 B.C 
Taurus’ Astrological year – 3.999 B.C 
Aries’ Astrological year – 1.839 B.C 
Pisces’ Astrological year – 321 A.D 
Aquarius Astrological year – 2.481 A.D 

Native American myth: ‘The White Buffalo Woman’ Lakota, or Sioux 
While I was informing myself about this astrological concept, I fell upon a Native American myth which is considered astrological in some sense, in Natures Four directions. SHORT: 

The Lakota, a Native American people, also describe that a great spiritual Teacher, called White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, is coming with the purpose to unite the material and spiritual worlds. 

Their legend mentions that in a far past, possibly in the beginning of the Age of Aries, a Teacher had come to initiate them into the "Pipe Ceremony"; the same story mentions that this Teacher is returning again due to specific signs related to their tradition, among them the fact that white buffalo calves are born again.[41] From 

After four days the scouts posted to watch for the holy woman saw something coming towards them in a beautiful manner from across the prairie. Then suddenly the woman was in the great lodge, walking round it in a sunwise direction. 

She stopped before Standing Hollow Horn in the west of the lodge, and held her bundle before him in both hands. ‘Look on this,’ she said, ‘and always love and respect it.

No one who is impure should ever touch this bundle, for it contains the sacred pipe.’ She unrolled the skin bundle and took out a pipe, and a small round stone which she put down on the ground. 

Read more at And
I am personally not sure how to view this topic, because of the mere rotations in our planet (and other planets) which keeps changing in minute ways. And another point I tend to be drawn to, is the fact that NOTHING is more powerful than the human mind!

And then there are the topic of the old astrology signs, where some are not the same, others have been combined with others and so on.

Further more I have found some evidence about some other constellations which I have heard No One speak of yet, so I think there is much needed before we can talk about this.

The only thing we can conclude is that everything is indeed connected to the smallest of details. And then we can study the history gone by to the best of our ability, and just maybe begin to be kinder towards our own BIG race (of a billion rainbow colors – Hey, just a thought; Colors does not exist, so why can’t we all act color-blind? –In the good sense).
The Astrological Ages
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