Tuesday, August 26, 2008
I choose to believe.
This article contains some well known public information about NASA' Apollo space missions, but also my own thoughts besides this. I have also taken other thoughts into account, to keep things as neutral as one who already has chosen, can be ;) [NOTE: I know how there are many people that believe that it was/is a big Hoax. To this I can only say; I do not know, if or if not. I will let this be to the experts who had and have control over the projects. If everything indeed is a hoax, then mankind has punched itself in the face, which we seem to be doing more often… I can only say this; I choose to believe. In the end, everything becomes a choice, and so do I choose. I could not go on writing this, without giving the other side some credibility to their beliefs and thoughts, and I do find them interesting, others I find a bit obscure. No matter what, the whole earth should be coming together in a total humane way, for us to survive our own needs and lusts. I am interested in so many subjects, that make me conclude pretty quickly, that we don’t stand a great chance here on earth if everyone still wants to keep their mobiles running. For example, they say if we make the fuel on the corn (harvesting the corn-productions for creating fuel for silly cars) then we have a much better chance. – Now who was the Freaking idiot that said that? Well here is the fact about “Food-Fuel” : Since many countries have begun producing this, more and more people are dying of hunger. The west is now being more of a direct impact upon other people’, hunger and more. Because of, everything that has already happen, or rather what we always have neglected to do, so will there be a reaction, the common law of cause and affect and so on. I would say lets get moving at least on some levels other than guns and missiles. This is the only reason that I miss Kennedy, he believed in the possibilities of all mankind. Normally I would have deleted half of what I am writing (/Think) here, because I know how ‘of-topic’ some might think it is, but there I ask, “Is it really of-topic?”] Sorry about this, back to the topic. MISSION PROFILE: The mission began like all ideas begin, with the idea. Somehow these unique scientists were able to make their ideas into a reality, which no matter how one looks at it, has created so many exciting materials, which are used all over the world for many different things. Three courage’s men were picked to execute the mission; Neil A. Armstrong (2) - Commander Michael Collins (2) - Command Module Pilot Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. (2) - Lunar Module Pilot It was the Saturn Five (the Moon Rocket) that would give way to the American Eagle (the name of the Luna module). The command module was named Columbia, these spacecrafts were together called the Apollo spacecraft. Apollo 11 was lunched from the Kennedy Space center at 9:32 a.m. local time on July 16, 1969. Saturn Five gave such power that only 18 minutes after take off it was in orbit, only 30 minutes after entering orbit, they detached themselves from the last Saturn Five stage, to make a 180 degree turn to dock with the Luna Module. On the 19 July the Apollo 11 went behind the Moon, and entered the lunar orbit. The next day the Lunar module (Eagle) detached from the command module so the decent could begin. Even thou they missed the landing target by miles, and alarms were blinking, they still made it safely. Probably because Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Aldrin noticed that the computer was taking them in to even more rough terrain, so he ‘helped’ (probably re-entering some data into the com’) the computer to a more proper landing site. Apollo 11 landed on the Moons surface at 20:17 UTC on July 20 1969 with only 25 seconds of fuel left.
We learn how to walk again…

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  1. What a detailed article. It really focuses on the Apollo landings. Although I must say there are a few things funny about really what happened.


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