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The ancient Egyptians believed in the Sun, or rather the movement of the Sun and other planets such as our famous Sirius. But they recognized more planets than that. actually they recognized the exact same essential planets which we so often use in our modern astrology readings. 

Some Basic about ancient Egyptians: They also divided the days hours much like we still do - 24 hours a day. 

RA - The Sun is the Day, and there are 12 light hours of the day. 

SETH - The Moon is the night, and there are 12 night/dark hours of the day. 

The Decans are the stars that are bound by the five(5) gods birthdays, and together they create the 365 days a year.

One week is made up by 10 days, making a year; 36 x 10 = 360 days; Then the ancient celebrated 5 Gods birthdays, by giving them a day each; which makes; 36 decans x 10 days + 5 days = 365 days a year.

The Decans
The Decans could be seen as 36 weekly stars that the ancient would take notice of. The famous Sirius is the ‘Queen of the Decans’ and she marked the beginning of a new year. 

The planets were called ‘The stars that know no rest’ and referred to the five planets; 

Mercury – the star of Seth/or a form of Seth. 
Venus – star of the morning/ the one who crosses’ or ‘God of the morning’. 
Mars – Horus the red/ Horus of the horizon. 
Jupiter – Traveling star/ Horus who limits the two lands/ Horus star of the South. 
Saturn – Horus the bull/ Bull of the heavens.


  1. Anonymous1:49 AM

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  2. J’ai depuis peu mis votre blogs dans mes favoris. Je suis vraiment désolé pour ne pas vous écrire en anglais, c’est promis je le ferai postérieurement. Comme il me semble que vous avez des connaissances approfondies dans le domaine de la mythologie égyptienne, de l’art de vivre même de cette civilisation, je souhaiterais vous poser les deux questions suivantes :

    1° Etes vous sure du fait que les égyptiens, et cela pendant deux millénaires suivant un calendrier solaire (année tropique ou anomalistique) ou un calendrier lunaire qui paraît parfois relativement intéressant si l’on rentre dans le cadre de l’intégration de la lune.

    2° Il y a t’il vraiment une correspondance entre les constellations visibles, les dieux ou déesses ? Je suis perplexe dans la correspondance d’Isis avec la Vierge.

  3. Dear Wireless

    Thank you. I have looked through your blog, and it looks good even touh I do not understand the language :)But I love the layout design. is there some sort of translator?

    Karima - WindBlower

  4. Dear Infans

    We might have some language problems too :) I suck at languages, as I suck at spelling in general 'LOL'.

    First off, I am very unsure as to what you are asking? My mother and father tried to help me with a translation of your questions, but they find it harder to explain to me in Danish.. :)

    I have not stated anything about which form they might have used, when speaking of the Luna calender or the Solar calendar?

    I fell that I cannot answer completly, unless I completly understand the question?

    I have never said Isis was a personification of the constellation Virgo, so there I am again not sure of what you might mean? is it possible to get the questions in English? :)

    Karima - WindBlower

  5. So sorry, and all my apologize for my English and the fact that I’ve write in French, but I really use to write or speak in four Latin genuine languages, and sometimes I’m find so tired to put it down in English, almost when I’m not at my office, and ask for some help to make it quite easier and clearer, for sure. This time, I’m going to do it by my own. I find your blog really interesting. I use to have some , since I’ve lost most of my templates ( server shut down), I’ve stopped them. The questions that I’ve made , and I thank you for your answer, it’s only about two points. One , is it, if Egyptians, that they usual use a solar calendar , they almost utilize a lunar calendar too. The second, about Isis ( and Horus), I sometimes find it represented like Virgo, but, at the same time , some others gods like Thot ( Isis Son), seams to be so much closer to all the attributes of Virgo mythology as the constellation ( I’m not talking about the zodiacal sign). Thank you again. Ups, I forgot that to say, that I’m just started to learn some of the sky mythology for paintings.

    I look forward to reading from you. Yours faithfully.

  6. Dear Infans

    You do not have to apologize for anything. If anyone should apologize, it’s me, for not understanding French (especially consider how many in my family speak French fluid).

    1). The ancient people probably used all the means which they had. Each civilization creates its own systems, in the ancient days these systems/calculations were probably shared in a much wider aspect, than suspected today.
    - But I think that you right in assuming the Egyptians both used the solar calendar and the Luna calendar too, but also normal observations of other planets each night.

    2). I perfectly understand how you can see Thoth’s attributes much closer to Virgo than Isis.
    I am not sure as to what you mean about Isis (and Horus), do you mean in her role as the mother and Horus as the ‘Sulking’ son?
    On another note; I would not say that Thoth is Isis’ son.
    (It might be in some ancient mythological text Thoth is somehow being mentioned as being Isis Son, but there could also be another idea behind such a thought; Isis, is in some context (in some texts). Not only were she mentioned as the kings mother (because of her attributes as you said), but she is also very clearly related to Sirius in some context as the Goddess ‘Isis-Sothis’.

    If you would like to dig deeper into the character of Thoth, then I would suggest that you look at Thoth and his ‘Sister/Counter-partner’ Seshat.

    How ever I do not think anyone really can claim to know these things yet, as I find there is still so many questions that need to be answered, with regards to their systems. One thing is for curtain, they were not in the beginning of an old civilization, but rather in its end.
    For them to have had all this knowledge, opens up for a whole new Pandora’s Box.

    May you have such a wonderful day and evening.

    WindBlower - Karima

  7. As I get further in my reads, I take more and more information about Egyptians sky knowledge, and others civilisations. One of the ones is about the Sphinx and the lion, and it’s relative with the lion’s constellation. Tank you for share. Maybe we’ll meet after this summer, I’ll try to take some days to draw local hieroglyphs and learn more about the evolution of Egyptian astronomy.

    Sincerely. C.R.

  8. Anonymous8:48 AM

    I read some thing about the relation between the ancient Egyptians and the planets at and

  9. Anonymous9:27 AM

    hi, i am new at astronomy and i am trying to find a computer model of the anchient star charts that are like the ones we have today. has anyone done this? I don't even know what a url is..thanks vivianne

  10. Which ancient star maps are you asking for? The star charts from before the Greeks seems to be lost to modern man, you should be able to find many star charts from the 1500 1600 century, which have the older drawings upon them.
    I am not sure if you are asking for a computer program that displays ancient star charts, or if you are looking for computer software that can show you the stars from ancient days? I haven’t seen any computer software (programs) that displays ancient maps when calculating, but most computer software can calculate back in time, even to the time before B.C.
    This site has some good images from 1825
    Urania’s Mirrior –
    Url is the address given to you here: When you type this into your Internet Explorer bar at the top, then you are in fact typing in the Url.

    I truly hope that this was of some help, May you have a lovely Sunday.
    WB - Karima

  11. Anonymous8:33 PM

    great post


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