Tuesday, February 05, 2008
As the cover of the book illustrates, this is a book that both combines Earth and the universe but also astrology and ancient Egypt. Each page is embedded with pictures which will clearly illustrate the ancient Egyptian thoughts about astrology. So many authors see so many different things and subjects in the ancient mysteries of this great land, and so does Karima see some subjects differently than most others. This is a perfect and deeper extension of this Blog, but it focuses much more upon the Egyptian ideas and symbolism. She loves to explore the symbols portrayed where ever and when ever she can. Like a walk through a desert old temple, so does the ancient word bring another horizontal light into existence. As the Sun dies away so does the Moon remember each day. She wrote this book because she saw something which she could not keep inside to herself.
The Secret of Anubis - The winter triangle ISBN 87-991527-9-7
You will see how the ancient Egyptians and the old Greeks wrote the name of Sirius and Orion. She also explains what Anubis really might mean, and she found clear evidence that Anubis is Not a Death God, which is a sad misinterpretation, just like the character Imhotep in the movie ‘The Mummy.’ One thing is for curtain, after you have read this book, you will have a much deeper insight into the Egyptian astrological mindset. But she takes you even further, both through documented history and time itself. This book covers the topics which other books always seem to allude to, but never deliver on. Karima alludes to nothing, she gives you the real actually hieroglyphics, which are still portrayed upon the ancient walls. This is not a book based solely upon theories which can seem rather obscure, but it is in fact based upon real fact which scholars of different topics each have agreed upon. Karima have written the book in such a manner, that many readers might gain from it. She foremost adores Egyptologists work, and it is because of them that people are able to continue their studies into the ancient Egyptians culture. Karima has tried to keep from making too huge theories which scholars and professors cannot comment openly upon, because of their status. She has written the book in such a language that everyone should easily be able to read the book. People with no further knowledge about ancient Egypt, gain something much deeper if they were to start with this book, and it would not interfere with what the teachers are teaching. But the angle of the book is very new, and everything is linked up in such a detailed manner, that one understands easily.
The Secret of Anubis - By Karima Lachtane ISBN 87-991527-9-7
The Books Content Page: ISBN 87-991527-9-7 Chapter one – The Secret of Anubis Chapter two – Hieroglyphs, a short explanation Chapter three – Duamutef / Tuamutef, The Heavenly brother of Anubis Chapter four – From Egypt to Macedonian and the Greeks Chapter five – The Winter Triangle, The Three that Becomes One Chapter six – Sah and Septit, Wife and Husband Chapter seven – Orion and Sirius Everlasting Chapter eight – The 7 Divine Beings, The Guardians of Souls, and Life Chapter nine - Conclusion Chapter ten - Notes
Book about ancient Egyptian astrology by Karima L
The Secret of Anubis is truly a secret revealed. A book filled with pictures from both Karima’s private archive but also knowledge about other great scholars work, and where to find their work. This is truly a book of tribute to the people which came before, and a new insight for the modern mind. Everything you would ever need in one book, to get you started with the understanding of the Egyptian astrology. There are images of the Dendera Zodiac circle, but also an illustration of the astrological diagram on Senemut’s tomb ceiling, and much more.
Colors - All Hard Cover
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