Thursday, February 07, 2008
Egyptian Fixed stars by Karima L.
Fixed stars are exactly that; Fixed. They are all the stars which never seems to move, when viewed from earth (they do move, but in such a high or slow speed that we don’t notice the movement - only over an extension of time). 

Ptolemy did not state anything in depth about the fixed stars and their importance’s, he only states that this was done by the people before them (Egyptians?) There are many different mentioning of the fixed stars, in ancient Egypt, even upon the temple walls. 

The names for these subjects were just different than ours, more simple in some way, and yet more complex in their meaning. 

In the old days, the Planets were referred to as the ‘Wandering stars’ but this was only in special relations. They knew which planet they were talking about, probably because of festivals and other priestly helpfulness. 

In modern astrology there is a standard term called ‘a Morning star’, this refers mostly to two planets, Venus rising as a morning star and mercury rising as a morning star. 

In those older days, they would also take notice in if a person was born as a morning star or an evening star (and no there is no Evil components in the fact that a person is born an evening star, there are so many misunderstandings still). 

But even this term is found in ancient Egypt, I personally found a wall where it speaks about a Goddess being portrayed as a morning star. Ani’s - Book of the Dead, is yet another place where one can find the fixed stars, written. 

Papyrus of Ani: Plate XIX 

His rising, Tmu-Harmachis. Adored art thou [when] thy beauties are in my two eyes, and are [thy] shining rays upon [my] body. Thou goest forth in peace thy in the sektet boat, thy heart is gratified by the winds in the Atet Boat; its heart is glad. Thou stridest over heaven in peace, are overthrown thy enemies; sing hymns of praise to thee the stars which never rest, praise thee the stars that never set [as] settest [thou] in the horizon of Manu, beautiful one in the two halves of the sky the lord living and established as my lord. 

NOTE: A Great Danish author called Sigvard Mahler Dam has written some great works on the subject of Fixed stars. Click here to go to his Website. Astrology on the Web: Fixed Stars


  1. Nice site! Greetings from Mexico! :)

  2. Thank you, I would love to visit Mexico one day. Have such a lovely evening.
    WB /k.

  3. Anonymous6:37 AM

    As a Scorpio in the midheaven cusp of Libra, would I also be considered a fixed star?
    Unknown Friend,


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