Monday, December 31, 2007
The constellation of Pisces

This is yet another fascinating constellation, and for over 5000 years this constellation has been seen as something to do with two fishes.

This is a symbol with its own internal conflict; We find the two fishes in Pisces are swimming away from each other: One swims towards Aquarius in the need for others well being, while the other Pisces swims towards Aries, in the wish of total control of its surroundings. 

The two fishes are connected by a fine silver line, and this connection symbolizes the Earth, where both the material and the spiritual meet.

The Christian area was launched through the symbol of the Pisces, which was a representation for Jesus’ teachings about mercy and to be a true servant of love (in those days).

Actually in the year 7 B.C (the same year that Jesus Christ is supposed to have been born in – Wonder then why year 0 comes seven years after, if we placed this time-recording upon Jesus’ life?.. hmm…) But anyway in the 7 B.C something special accrued,
a 3 double conjunction took place in the zodiac sign of Pisces. 

The planet Jupiter (the most important planet, THE HIDDEN ONE!) came very close to the planet Saturn (when two planets are at their closets, its called a ‘Conjunction’). But in the year 7 BC, not only one conjunction took place, but three conjunctions – a very special event!

If I understand things correctly, then it was Jupiter that the three wise men followed (They were actually three old kings of three older kingdoms).

[But we MUST remember who we really are, the ego of man treads in the footsteps of ancient old Lucifer, so Must we remember what we all have done, so we can do right by our past. Only through ‘will and love’ will the GOOD things rise again – the question is, do you want it?]

It is illogical to presume Pisces to be a symbol for the Christian’s. The Christians rather come about in the period of around 7 BC with the study of the three conjunctions and so on.

The Greeks version of Pisces came hundred of years before the Christian’s ideas, and thoughts.
Pisces are Aphrodite and Eros, whom leaped into one of the Euphrates Rivers and turned themselves into the fishes Pisces. They hereby avoided the wrath of Typhoon the giant monster – the son of Gaia.

But if we look at the first generations Ptolemy’s, and the ones coming after, we see that their illustrations of Pisces are a little bit different.
[Look for the ancient Egyptian zodiac Circle which can be found at the Louvre Museum in France.]

On this illustration of Pisces, we clearly see something between the two fishes that make up Pisces. [A box with the hieroglyphic of water, inside it.] Ptolemy’s writings, especially the first generations manuscripts which were collected in the Library of Alexandria, were probably burned, (or disappeared) in the first fires.
But we can look at the things already found.
If you are interested in Egyptian history, then you probably already know this;
We do find a very important fish in the ancient Egyptian history, referred to as the Nile fish. Its story in itself can sound odd.
The Nile Fish is yet another creation myth, of its own kind. 
[It is like we find a creation myth of some sort in each zodiac sign, this would also correspond to the ‘belief’ that Pisces should be the last Zodiac sign – the end of an era.
But this ‘belief’ would/ or could only be 100% correct, if everything is known and correct, which we know it isn’t.
But apparently we keep forgetting who we all really are, we are in short terms “Creators” – For we create by the mere vision of a dream that our hands then can make into a reality. We create everything by the mere force of our will.
And I believe that this is what the ancient tried to teach their children to come – That we create our reality, and we create the next level (said in very short terms). 

The 13 Zodiac sign does exist, by the mere mentioning of it, a thought has accrued, and its creation begins.
And we do have the possibility to make the next era /sign idyllic, the question to this becomes, do we each see these possibilities?


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    after reading about pisces, all i can think about is the double movement polanyi describes. or more generally, the double consciousness of world history- be it democrats or republicans, the people vs the oppressor, underground vs mainstream, those who are generally good people and those powertrippers who instate systems of control.

  2. Dear Jia UC Berk

    Yes there is a clear Double Movement, the praradox of nature itself
    (like when little Buddah saw the mouse being eaten by the hawk and etc.)
    [A Good Thought/idear:
    There will always be those two brothers at the cross road, where you see a sign in between them where it says: One brother always speaks truth, and the other brother always lies.
    The question is, who do you ask for directions?]

  3. okay im doing a report on the pisces constilation and i sisnt find this much helpful. i more or less got lost. can anyone help me understand it more?

  4. Dear maddsgurl,

    These post are not about the constellations, but rather about the history behind it. If you are looking for the Greek legend about the sign Pisces, then you must read each sings post, and you will come to find that it is a story that is connected. I am sorry that my post wasent more helpfull to you..


  5. You are invited to read more about this subject on my blog, which is also trying "to dig into the ancient thoughts and ideas about astrology and astronomy" as you wrote in your introduction.
    I.e. the Zodiac of Dendera in the Temple of Hathor (around 100 BC) as a measurement tool for the ages of the constellations.

  6. Anonymous10:11 PM

    this was no help at all i need the meaning of pisces for ancient egypt ugghhh

  7. Dear Anonymous

    I am sorry that you didn’t find this blog helpful with your pursuit to know about Pisces from ancient Egypt, probably because I didn’t mention it.
    Do you know about the ancient story of the Nile fish, from ancient Egypt? Read about this mythological story, and you will find one version.
    Some believe this sign portrays Anubis, Poseidon, Neptune, but I cannot personally agree upon this point. I see the zodiac signs, as levels not as individuals, but a chain linked together. Like a big cake with 12 layers.
    The fish had a very significant meaning in ancient Egypt, because of its life in the Nile. Its meaning; is probably more about a ‘creation’ than anything ‘ending’ like theory. Actually in the mythology of Osiris (the judgment god) we also see a fish involved (which no one really knows why, yet.) But the fish swallows one of Osiris body parts. – But this is deep Egyptian history (their history and mythology, which seems so much older than anything so fare seen.)
    People tend to use the Ptolemy astrology book, to see what descended from Egypt. But I do not believe that they understood the Egyptians completely, or may I say it like this; they did not get hold of all the Egyptian knowledge, or they would have build their own unique pyramids, or just shown the same inventive persistence in their activity, as the Egyptian did – which they did not.
    More needs to be translated from this great ancient world, before we can say, “oh they mean this or they mean that”

  8. Thank you for your info. and you're right in order to fully understand what your talking about you must know who and of what your talking about but you did a good job im a pisces and i love learning about my sign as well as others


  9. Dear Roze (Maribel),

    Thank you so much for the comment, it means so much to me, more than any of my words could ever reflect. I am so frilled and happy, that someone understands what I am talking about (I know everyone understands it if they just open their mind). My mind is entangled into many subjects, so I do have times, when my words doe’s not seem to cut it.
    Some Zodiac signs are harder than others, Pisces are defiantly one of the hard ones. Some would say because of its nature, I say because of its age. There is so much to say about each zodiac sign, that a blog or even one book could never reflect their true nature. I just try to write about the ancient peoples mythological stories, and how they saw it.

    I deeply thank you Roze
    Karima - WB

  10. Kayleigh2:04 AM

    Hey im a young Piscean and i found this very interesting :)

  11. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Destruction is the moment in which creation manifests. We tend to think of things in series of 1,2,3. Older civilizations such as the egyptians and mayans understood this wholeness comes full circle in a series like 1,2,3,1.

  12. Dear Anonymous,

    I would agree in that the ancient people understood that the wholeness comes full circle, if not just continuing onwards.
    Thank you for your comment, and have such a lovely evening.

  13. Anonymous7:47 PM

    im doing a constellation project on pisces and i don't think this anwsered some of the questions my projects asked for can anyone help me find a site where i can find more info that will give the stuff i need to complete this project?

  14. Anonymous8:12 PM

    reading this i am still a bit confused.About the history of the pisces zodiac. In the beging of ths passage it says that the pisces fishes are going torwards aries and a aquaris. I don't understand why they would swim to signs their not compat with.Does that mean that pisces are somewhat nieve to what works for them?

  15. hi Erika,

    I am deeply sorry that this post couldn't help you. But again there are many levels to astrology and astronomy. This blog is more about the history of the constellations, speaking more about the general history surrounding each constellation, in this blogs case, it is about the mythology behind them. But it hopefully also opens the mind on astrology and astronomy in general, how big a topic these really are.
    When you say that you are doing a project on the constellation, I think you are speaking of astronomy? Which is about the science and stars that make out this constellation.
    Then I would refer you to look more into these sites:

    The astrology behind Pisces is another topic in itself, and should not be confused with the science of astronomy.
    I hope this was a little bit helpful, if not, sorry.


  16. Dear
    Anonymous from time-stamp: 8:12 PM

    Let me see if I can clear it up (but I am not sure - Hopefully I can).

    Yes you are right that at the beginning of this post, I spoke about the two fishes going in each direction, one towards Aries ( - beginning) and one towards Aquarius (11. House - would be the end, if not for Pisces), I completely understand why it might sound confusing.
    Here is the deal, you should not see the fishes as if they are going towards a non compatible sign, but the two fishes are attracted to each their own thing, in opposites directions. No No this does not mean that people of Pisces are naive. Each sign in the zodiac has a somewhat dual nature, a two-sided nature - not 'two faced anything'. My own lovely brother is a Pisces, and he is not at all naive, actually he is dam clever/intelligent.
    You could see it as a being with two sides (which all beings and zodiac signs have) One is attracted to the subject of control, not meaning that they are controlling in any way, we are merely speaking about an overall theme. They like to feel in control of their life, making rational and responsible decisions, Aquarius is more the opposite. You must never see a being as being each of the signs, because we each have some of each sign in us.

    I am not sure if this was of any help..

  17. Anonymous10:03 PM

    im doing a report on the constellation pisces and im not sure whether or not i have enough information, u c, i have to have atleast 3 pages and i only have 1 and a half so far. i got my info from this website and others. but can u tell me more?

  18. Dear Anonymous,

    interesting question, I hope you remember to write with your own words (not copying) ;)
    Well there should be enough information about Pisces out there in the world. Which kind of information are you searching for? the astrologic or the astronomic?

    If I can tell you more about Pisces?
    I can indeed give you some further information about the zodiac sign Pisces. I will make an Update at the end of the above post, with some further information, which people might be interest in.

    I hope you have such a lovely day and evening.

  19. PiscesBoy42010:19 AM

    Hi my name is scott and my love for the stars began in an astronomic way and has changed into a deep astrology research quest. I must say that have read all the posts above and feel that even though it is "mythology" that there is always that deeper moral. This post might just seem like im crazy but i would really like to talk more about astrology with you. You obviously know what your talking about.

    Scott P.

  20. Dear Scott P.,

    I would indeed agree with you, there is always more hidden beneath any surface. No you do not sound crazy at all, you are most welcome to talk with me about astrology. I am on facebook under my name Karima Lachtane.
    Sorry for my late reply,


  21. jessica1:51 AM

    This is very interesting information. I'm a pisces and I'm just delving into the history of it. There seems to be so much information out there but it would be nice to get concrete definite answers. I do agree with a lot of what you're saying and I also appreciate your patience with some "misunderstood" comments :) Keep doing what you're doing! There aren't too many people left that can express their passion so fluently.

  22. Interesting. I love it how you made a connection between the Christian belief and the zodiac. True that this zodiac represents internal conflict. Nice job!

  23. Anonymous6:29 AM

    I can see how someone would get lost reading the post however i am a Pisces and i believe to fully understand it you need to be one as well

  24. Anonymous9:00 PM

    hey you spelled EAR instead of ERA a lot. just thought you should know.

  25. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Dear Jessica,

    Thank you so much for your comment :)
    The concrete answer is only to be found inside yourself, I am sad to say, as I completely understand the question. Like I am thinking some times, give me an answer that I can transfer to reality and use for real.

    In reality astrology and astronomy is a guide and contains the 'two ways' all the time, because it is in fact your own will and choices which will reveal which way you are taking.

    You might be thinking, "Well Girlfriend ;) which way should I go?" Which is a wonderful question, with a both paradox and kind of irritating answer = It is all up to you to choose your way.

    To be precise in a direct question/answer in regards to a specific person, I would need to map their individual horoscope chart, because there are a billion factors. But this also gives a billion possibilities.

    Or read this post for a kind of fact sheet about Pisces in regards to personal astrology -

    May you have such a lovely weekend
    Karima, Blog Owner

  26. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Jesus is real!

  27. I never said he wasn't.


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