Wednesday, October 17, 2007
The constellation of Aquarius
Yet another sign/symbol, which is known in the ancient Babylonian history records (it is probably also known before that time. The ancient Egyptian praised the Nile as the Core of Egypt itself, a running flood which came and went by itself – I am here referring to the flood periods of the Nile). At some point this constellation was identified as Zeus, who is letting life’s water flow to the earth. Ganymedes; Aquarius is also said to represent the character called ‘Ganymedes’. Ganymedes was cursed with the most beautiful look upon earth, so beautiful that even the gods and goddess took notice of his beauty. They were so taken by him, that they all wanted him, even Zeus. Zeus did not trust any other god, so he would do it himself. Zeus disguised himself as an eagle and flew down to earth, where he grabbed Ganymedes with his claws, and took him back to the Olympian. Ganymedes parents were so sadden, that Zeus could hear their grief every night. He sent Hermes down to the parents, to give them a unique gift; Hermes gave them a wine stock made of gold which was created by Hefaistos. But this did not ease their grief for their beloved son. So Zeus made his abduction of Genymedes’ immortal by placing Genymedes and the Eagle among the other stars, so that his parents could see him every night. Deukalion; Yet another myth is said to be connected to Aquarius. The name Aquarius should give a clue as to what his further attributes were. He was the Greek ’Noah’, but his name was Deukalion. Just like the flood which is known from the Bible, so did this flood come because of mankind and their neglect towards humanity. Zeus is angered by humans, their behaviors are inhumane. But he also saw Deukalion and his female companion Pyrrha, who lived their lives in peace and harmony. More important their behaviors were just and fair which was a display of humanity. Zeus commanded Deukalion to build a giant boat, which would take the two away from his floods. Zeus would then let the water from the skies flow to the earth, and the only two ‘Just’ was allowed to live on. UPDATE DECEMBER 2007 There is more to Aquarius’ symbol, than meets the eye. The two waves which make up the symbol, has since ancient time represented the two snakes of Wisdom, you find these two snakes wrapped around a stick, in the medical industry. If you ever visit Egypt, then this symbol will be the most obvious to see upon the ancient walls.
The signs for Water in Ancient Egypt
It is the element of Air and Water, the air belongs to the intuitive higher intelligence, which is the upper wave of the Aquarius symbol. Actually even in our modernized society, we find a connection to this symbol, and it is found in each beliefs system, the use of water, to purify or cleanse. In Aquarius we find communication without borders.
Egyptian Aquarius around 200 B.C


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  2. Interesting work. I never appreciated Aquarius not until I read the article above. Looking forward for more articles like this! Kudos!

  3. I found an ancient artiact in south India, with the flood symbol kind of depiction. No clue as to what it sugests.


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