Wednesday, September 05, 2007
The constellation of Scorpion
Now we come to the next part that is connected to Libra and Virgo, which is Scorpion or Scorpio. 

I personally think that Scorpio and Libra and Virgo cannot be described as directly as the other constellations, the three constellations are bound together (which all constellations are, but with these three signs we see it in the modern Zodiac circle). 

We have a (once) famous story about a Scorpion, which I think fits this constellation pretty well 
– One must not directly combine this story to the constellation of Scorpion, because that would be, a too judgmental statement for any given Zodiac sign.

But the story gives the basic idea, as to this animal’s nature: (This is a kind of saying here in Denmark. 

I’ve asked my Danish family what definition the Danish language uses for such a story. Because some are sayings others are philosophies and so on. I was told that it was a pretty good question, but no one had the answer) 

I would call this story a form of ‘saying’, but I am not sure: 
A Scorpion stands by a river shore, needing to get over to the other side of the river. But the Scorpion knows that he was unable to swim over. 
The Scorpion noticed a Turtle further up the river shore, so he went over to the Turtle. The Scorpion kindly asked; ’Dear Mr. Turtle can you please take me upon your back, and take me to the other side? The Turtle looked intensely at the Scorpion and replied; ”If I take you upon my back, then you will surely sting me with your poisons tail.” The Scorpion quickly said; ’No Dear Mr. Turtle, I really need to go across to the other side. And if I sting you with my tail, then I would drown too. So no Dear Mr. Turtle I will not sting you.’ The Turtle thought about what the Scorpion had said, and decided that the Scorpion made sense. The Scorpion crawled up on the Turtle’s back, and the Turtle began the journey towards the other side of the river. When they were almost over, the Scorpion suddenly stung the Turtle and the Turtle screamed ‘Why did you sting me, when you promised me otherwise, now we will both die’ and the Scorpion replied ‘Sorry Mr. Turtle but this is my nature’. 

A very sad but telling story about the Scorpion’s nature, again you must not make a direct parallel to every person with the Scorpion sign. 

There is much more than one constellation to one individual.
Scorpio from 1601
Antares which is a star at the heart of Scorpio, this star was also known to the ancient Persian people as Satevis
Around 300 BC (it is the Sumerians that date to 3000BC, sorry about that) years before the famous birth of Christ, the Persian was a Great culture with many ideas. In those days the Persian astrologer would watch towards a group which he called ‘The four Royal stars or Guardians of the sky’

They would look towards four points in the deep heavens, which are the same points as on Earth; North, East, West, and South. These Royal stars showed the changes upon Earth, in the changing of Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall.
A Ancient Persian AstroLab 
The Ancient Persian's already used the Astrolab, which is an old device for astronomy. This one is made by an Unknown person. Located at Whipple Museum of the History of Science in Cambridge
In the Greek mythology, the Scorpion was the animal that killed Orion. And it was the goddess Artemis that asked Zeus to place them among the heavens, which he then did. - But here I again disagree a little bit, in that Artemis was like Zeus an Olympian god, and hereby able to place them among the heavens, herself.

EGYPT: Like I stated before, the ancient Egyptian also had an Scorpion Goddess, who was called Serket/Serqet, like Duamutef, she was mostly mentioned in the Coffin text and in the Tombs (so fare that I am aware of). She was the protector of another god called Qebesenuet, and he was a brother to Duamutef. Serqet is also called 'the Mistress of the Sky and all the Gods'.
Egyptian Scorpion Goddess Serket/Serqet 
The Egyptian Goddess Serqet

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  1. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Not a very descriptive or impressive description of the Scorpio.
    The Scorpio is the lowest symbol of the sign, stinging and taking
    revenge. The more beautiful and cunning symbol is the eagle,
    flying high above with wisdom. Or the Phenix transforming from
    the ashes. Scorpio is a strong astrological sign, with many symbols
    and much depth.


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