Wednesday, September 26, 2007
is probably the most memorable sign in our Zodiac circle, being half man and half horse. It is interesting that Sagittarius looks so much like the Centaurs, but Sagittarius is the only one among the modern Zodiac signs, yet these two creatures are nothing like each other. If I understand the ancient correct then these two creatures are opposites of each other. Some say that Sagittarius is a representation of Chiron the wise healer, he was also a Centaurs but with a different nature. The centaurs were of a rather harsh nature, drinking, and they loved to fight. I personally don’t see the character Chiron in Sagittarius. Let us see what the Picatrix (MSS) says about the 3 faces of Sagittarius. [The expression of 3 Faces, could also be called the 3 lots. Inside each zodiac sign is a division of three, which makes up the 3 faces inside Sagittarius (or the other signs).] Picatrix MSS.: “And there ascends in the first face of Sagittarius three bodies of men of which one is yellow, another white but the third red. And this is a face of heat, weight, of fructifying in fields and on the lands, of sustaining and dividing. And this is its form” “And there ascends in the second face of Sagittarius a man who leads cows, and holding (or having) a Monkey and a bear before him. And this is a face of fear, lamentation, mourning, misery, and inquietude. And this is its form.” According to Ptolemy; In the first face there ascends the neck of the small bear, the end of the tail of the Dragon, and the posterior of the Walking on His Knees, and his nape and his head, and the end of the Scorpion, and the Knotted ones in the tail [of the Scorpion], and the body of Censer. It could be that Sagittarius is symbolized as a Centaurs creature, because of the many natures that are combined in one. Babylonia; Even the ancient Babylonians had the symbol of Sagittarius, and even here we find it place close to a Scorpion. Some authors argue that the Babylonians are the people that invented the modern day Zodiac circle. I can agree to some point on this suspicion, but I fell that they just gave name to areas which already were in used, just called by other names. Maybe the Babylonians just simplified some thoughts? But in simplifying these thoughts a lot is lost... who knows…
The Babylonians Sagittarius
Sagittarius from Babylonian time period
around 2300 B.C.
The ancient Sumerian astrologer/astronomer was like the ancient Egyptian and believed in the spirits of life (their thoughts did not only divide situations up into Good and Evil). They would say all things that move, possessed the term of ‘self-power’ and herby was ‘life/living/alive’. The oceans and rivers are the most visible ‘Living beings’, in that they are ‘self-powered’ – in a constant motion/and movement. Another book dating from 1886 which goes under the name of ‘Chaldea’, I find this book very useful when it comes to this part; CHALDEA: This was the society that took over the Babylonian people, these people were called ‘the Kaldu people’ and they were of Semitic descent. The 6th century BC (600 BC) is in history known as the Chaldean Dynasty. The ancient religion of the Semitic races/tribes and most other people (just look at the Dogon tribe in Africa), central around the worship of the heavenly bodies, that was called ‘Sabeism’ for the Semitic tribes. The Chaledeo-Babylonian was many cultures mixed together, but they were influenced by someone coming from the outside… When the ancient studied the stars movement, and combinations, they saw that they also followed a ‘Law’. A planet never rotated in a square path, but rather followed the circler path. So even the high and mighty planets, and stars were bound by some sort of ‘Law’. This made the ancient believe in a Universal Lord, that is much greater than Anything, and much much greater than any earthly subject – the Lord of ALL. The ancient universal Lord was even among the stars – probably meaning the dark blue abyss, which an astronaut travels in/or among to reach a Planet/star. They believed that when we died (a non-existing word in those days), that when we left our earthly bodies, then we would travel in boats in this ocean blue abyss – today referred to as space. This is what happens after the judgment and the transformation have happened (or so ancient text say). We are greeted by the Ferry Man…
Ancient Egyptian Sagittarius from the time of Ptolemy
Sagittarius from Ptolemy's Time Period
from around 370 B.C.


  1. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Hooray for Sagittarius!

  2. You are invited to visit our group on Flickr

  3. Anonymous9:28 PM

    hey i would like to see a sagitarious dragon

  4. Dear

    Yes me too, -heh-
    I think that you should see this as the different elements in the nature of Sagittarius, and how they at that time in history were described through images.

    WindBlower - KL

  5. Anonymous8:01 PM

    I was surprised to see that Libra is Hades golden chariot....

  6. Dear

    I think that it was the Greeks perception of the Egyptians way of thinking.
    I think they build it upon characters from the older worlds, such as Hades being the same as Osiris. I think the golden chair is like the scales itself, a material object, which have no emotional sense but is an object of Justice in its purest of forms. The scales are the beginning of ‘trade’ in its purest of forms. When people in ancient days sold or traded things or food, they usually used a scale to ‘balance’ the items. In ancient Egypt this concept ran very deep, and directly into the hall of Matt (their goddess of Truth), and it is Osiris which one finds in this chamber of True judgment. I think the chariot, was the Greeks symbol (in this kind of story) for an (scales) ‘object’ rather than a person/animal.
    And Hades is taken from, the Egyptian god of resurrection named Osiris. It is also there that the Egyptian saw the souls 1.staigde after leaving its material body
    - Or that is how I perceive this to be.


  7. Anonymous7:15 PM

    i am very new at this and came apon this web site and am amazed at all the info you were able to dig up. all i was looking for was some info on my sign Sagittarius but found so much more. and i was only looking because of a science project but now am very itrested thank u for devoting so much time to make such a detaled site

  8. Anonymous7:11 PM

    I'm a Sagittarius earth dragon :p

  9. One of the fiercest signs in the zodiac - the Sagittarius. Very nice article. It's good how you know all these stuff and post it here.


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