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UPDATED 4 April 2008 
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Made by Karima Lachtane
WindBlower TM 

One of the Judgment scenes of ancient Egypt Another post that is connected to this one.

Virgo and Scorpion looks so much a like, yet they are nothing like each other. Scorpion is a Water sign, and if you read my other blog which is called ‘the history of Tarot’. Here I mentioned that in a tarot deck the card called Death is attributed to the Scorpion zodiac sign. This does NOT mean that people born under Scorpion is attributed with the same trends. But I think any Scorpion person would have to agree in that if they are caught up in a corner and know with themselves that they can’t get out of, then they will Sting either what is confronting them or them selves. A Scorpion person has a lot inside to give, but can probably be very afraid to give it, because of the elements which it knows it cannot control. The Scorpion symbol also contains the tail of Scorpio, to illustrate its fears power.
But no matter what, Scorpion is attributed to Death. On the other side of Libra we have the Beautiful virgin Virgo, like I said in the clip, it is so opposites from Scorpio. There is more order and balance to be found in the constellation of Virgo than in Scorpion. Inside Virgo we have the planet called ‘Spica’, and in the constellation of Scorpio we find the planet ‘Antares’. These two planets again seem divided by the existence of Libra. The element of Earth is attributed to Virgo and the element of Air is attributed to Libra.

Scorpio Libra and Virgos Symbols by Karima Lachtane

I was looking through some books (both old and new ones) to see, if there was anything that could ‘bring more proof’ to my theory (or idea), and to my surprise, everything I picked up, was in connection to this and was a bit surprising.
The great book ‘The beginning of Wisdom’ is written by the great Meira B. Epstein. This is a book that contains much knowledge from the Middle Ages, about Arabic and Hebrew astrology. The Picatrix (or Ġāyat al-Ḥakīm [fī l-siḥr] "The Goal of the Sage [in sorcery]") is a manuscript dating to around the 1200 AD, its origins are uncertain. But one thing is sure about this manuscript, it is about the Arabic and non-European. When I look upon these manuscripts and plates, then I clearly see that they are also embedded with the symbols from the reign of King Solomon. This will give us yet another informational source for the constellation called Virgo.
  Picatrix: “And there ascends in the first face of Virgo a beautiful girl covered over with a woolen sheet and holding in her hand a pomegranate*. And this is a face of sowing, of plowing, of the making of trees to sprout, of gathering bunches of grapes and of the good life. And this it its form.” *pomegranate(A fruit that is Very Well known in Morocco, I Love it Etymology: The name “pomegranate” is of ancient origin. In classical Latin, the fruit was known either as malum punicum or malum granatum. In these names, malum means “apple”, granatum derives from granum “grain” and means “(multi)grained” (alluding to the many seed grains). The adjective punicus properly refers to Phoenicia in Asia Minor, but was in Latin more frequently used with respect to Carthage, a Phoenician colony in Northern Africa (also Rome’s only source of Silphion); the Romans suspected pomegranate to be of African origin. The botanical genus name Punica is the feminine form of that adjective, as is appropriate for a fruit-bearing tree. Origin: Central Asia, probably Persia. Now cultivated in Western and Central Asia, Mediterranean countries and Northern India. Pomegranate is a very popular fruit all over the Middle East. Though it can’t be proven definitely, the fruit of the “Tree of Knowledge” mentioned in the biblical history of creation most probably was meant to be a pomegranate — though most Westerners would hardly believe it, it’s nowhere said to be an apple! There is also a parallel in Greek mythology, where the earth goddess Demeter [Δημήτηρ] lost her daughter Persephone [Περσεφόνη] to the underworld god Hades [ᾍδης] because of one single pomegranate grain the daughter had accepted.

Papyrus of Anhai by Karima Lachtane
This is the Papyrus of Anhai who lived around 1100 B.C.
She was a member of a college of Amun-Re at Thebes (Luxor).

[This was in the period that is called the 19 Dynasty. In the period of 1133 – 1126 B.C both Ramesses VII and Ramesses VIII were pharaohs and after them came Ramesses IX (1126 – 1108 B.C). The beautiful Priestess Anhai lived in a time of turmoil, much like many live in today (with the worlds so-called government actions, so did she live in such a turmoil).]

A – Is called Ammut, she was a mythological creature, who was one third crocodile, one third Lion, and one third Hippopotamus. Her name literary means ‘Female devourer of the dead’, she is also called ‘Great of Death’ (which corresponds pretty much to the meaning which has been attributed to the constellation of Scorpion.) These gods and goddess were not worshipped in the normal sense, and there were no temples dedicated to them. It is said that it is Anubis that is weighing the Heart of the Dead, but I actually believe this character is a god called Duamutef(he is personally very important to me.),one of the seven sons of Horus (sometimes Osiris sons too). I identify this character to be Duamtef because of his clothing and his blue hair dress, which indicate to be that this is the Heavenly sons of Horus (or Osiris). Anubis is more shown as the Dog (Jackal) lying down, mostly upon a shine. Upon this Papyrus scroll Duamutef (Anubis) is in himself the scales, in that both of his hands connect to the heart of Anhai. The feather is a direct symbol of the goddess of Truth which is Maat (Matt), she is also that little character located on the other side of the heart, which is being weighed, the person’s heart is weighed against truth, to be a form of account for a person, weighing sins against goodness. The Baboon placed upon the scales is another form of the recorder Thoth, but in his more primal form. Again every inch of this papyrus is embedded with balance and harmony in every sense of the word. Just look at the colors, the light Green and Blue are balanced too. I don’t want to get too much into this papyrus scroll, because there is no need for that in this post. I just wanted to show some connections to the heavens. There is also Scorpion goddess in ancient Egypt, and one of them is to be found on the Coffin itself, I haven’t found it in the Papyrus scrolls. I feel like the texts on the coffins are different than those of the tomb walls, and these are even more different from the temple writings, there is probably a very deep system to all of this. I will ad something about the coffin texts after this part. Back to our Ancient Anhai, and her scrolls. We need to look at more papyrus scrolls to see what my idea was about. It should be understood that the ancient Egyptians image of heaven was a Garden of beauty. ‘Sekhet-Hetepet’ the field of Peace, where the deceased could tend to his life, once more in another lifetime (some might disagree with me here, and state, that they did believe in ‘death’, but I personally would say these people do not really understand the ancient thought. For the ancient the soul was the Essen’s of our being, and it was ‘Everlasting’. The Papyrus scroll below is also from Anhai’s tomb, and it depicts her afterlife as they saw it.


Remember what the Picatrix told us about Virgo,
fits this image pretty well.
Now here Come’s the Translation of some ancient Egyptian texts, which might even surprise you: 
This is one of the Spells (chants) which are in some ‘Chapters of Transformations’ (in the book of the dead, it clearly tells us that there are many Transformations points before moving on): 

I am the Swallow. I am the Swallow. I am the Scorpion, the daughter of the Sun. Oh Gods! Delicious is the smell of your fire which comes out of the horizon. Oh thou who art in the place! Guardian of the corner, lead me. Give me thy arm. I keep a watch in the pool of Fire. I come by my efforts. I have come, having the writing. I open; what do I say I have seen? It is Horus steering the bark*, giving place to his father. It is Seth, the son of Nu, undoing all he has done. I have examined that which is in the sealed place. I have laid my arm on Osiris. I go by my efforts. I have come speaking. Let me open the writing. I am the reckoning which goes in and the account which goes out of the Gate of the Universal Lord. I am washed on my leg. Oh Great One! I have dissipated my sins. I have destroyed my failings, for I have got rid of the sins which detained me on Earth. Oh DoorKeepers! I have made roads. It is then I am like you. I have come out of the day. I have walked on my feet, I prevail with my steps. I have known the secret roads in the Gates of the fields of the Aahlu. Let me overthrow my oppressors. On Earth my body is embalmed. 

Actually I wanted to see if I could find out more about this Spell (Chant), and again to my surprise this was pretty easy. In the book of the Dead of Ani’s (more than 1000 years older that of Anhain’s papyrus 1100 B.C), I found a manuscript translation referred to as ‘PLATE XXV’ and here is gives us; This Chant/spell belongs to the very beginning of the chapter of making transformations. So to be even more precise, we arrive at the halls of the double maat (Matt) ‘The halls of the double truth’ (Balance/Scales), and then we begin the judgment, at some point the transformation begins, and it starts out with speaking about a scorpion. We seek the Fields of peace, which was illustrated through the ‘Demeter imagery’. 

UPDATED 4 April 2008 The King James Bible - The Book of Job; 6:1 But Job answered and said, 6:2 Oh that my grief were throughly weighed, and my calamity laid in the balances together! 6:3 For now it would be heavier than the sand of the sea: therefore my words are swallowed up.
Muhammed - Allahs prophet on his journey over the heavens
Muhammed - The prophet of A' He is the founder of Islam, and on this image he is being carried by an animal called Al-Burak. 
This scene portrays his heavenly journey.  
Hades the Greek god of the underworld 
The Greek god of the Underworld Hades, is here sitting on his throne in his palace in the underworld


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    You said "A Scorpion person has a lot inside to give, but can probably be very afraid to give it..." Hmm....sounds like me....but the good news is -- I'm learning to share and give... :-D
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  2. Dear Chokyi - Romance,

    Ahh Scorpio, Remember not to read it directly, but rather use the old way of ’imagine’ the words (see it in images). May all your sharing and giving only bring you three times good in return.
    I shall explore the site.

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    I don't know if you got my last post but im trying my hardest to get your attention. Sorry if I come on too strong,but I understand some of what you say and am willing to learn more.

    Unknown Friend,
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  5. Dear Jacob,

    I am deeply sorry for these late replies, right now I am sitting in a hotel (sick/fever and headache) in Morocco, I have been a little bit busy this Christmas, and the snow hasn’t been all that helpful, when one wants to buy Christmas presents :)
    Now I am here, and I will answer all your questions and be of any help I can.
    I did get the last comment post, I just haven’t had time to answer, which I will do right after this comment :)
    Your not coming on to strong, I am just a slow cat that walks around in my own little world inside my head :) *lol*
    What would you like to know?
    I will check the other post comments that you posted and answer to the best of my abilities.

    Karima /WB

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