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The constellation called Virgo is the only female figure, in the modern Zodiac circle. Yet another fascinating constellation which people has forgotten the details about.
Let’s firstly look at what science tells us about this constellation. Inside the Virgo constellation is a cluster of galaxies, these are also the closets to our own Milky Way galaxy system.

A Galaxy is a massive system of stars that are bound together. A galaxy such as the Milky Way contains our Moon and the Sun, and the inner and outer planets, not only that it also contains asteroids and uncountable stars besides this. To be humanly honest, then the word ‘galaxy’ is as unknown to us, as the universe in itself.
June 26 1730 a man named Charles Messier was born. He lived in France and he was the 10th of 12 children (interesting number of children considering his later adventures). In 1774 at the age of around 40 years, he published a catalogue of deep heavenly objects, which he had observed through his primitive telescope. Today we refer to this list as the List of Messier objects – This list contains many of the galaxies found in the various constellations, and not only Virgo.

Virgo contains more than 13.000 galaxies,
which are quit interesting in them selves.

This is a video clip that I made last night (18 July)
to illustrate some things more visualy

The red circle shows us just one of the galaxies that are located
inside the Virgo constellation.
M104 also known as The Sombrero Galaxy, the name comes from its hat like look. Some people speculate that more might be going on inside this galaxy, because not only is it so bright, but it has been noticed that it also glows through X-rays, some connect this to that its center might be a black hole, but this is only speculations.

Let’s go back to the constellation of Virgo again, and look closer at its older story.
The character for the constellation of Virgo, are a little bit harder to pin point. For the ancient Greeks she was Dike or Demeter or even Demeter daughter Kore. Isis and Athene are also seen as representation of the Virgo constellation. The list could probably go on.
Dike in ancient days

Dike is one of the daughters of the divine giant Themis', and the Olympian god Zeus. Dike’s mother Themis was a representation of the primal time and divine justice which came before the age of Zeus dominion, and he allowed her to be the only survivor of the primal times. Themis was also the Essen’s of Delphi, and having oracle talents she ruled there, Dike would come to succeed her mother as the oracle in Delphi.
Some other things are worth knowing about Themis three daughters, where Dike is included. The daughter called Eirene (Irene), she symbolized the beautiful spring and Peace, then there is the daughter called Eunomia whom symbolized summer and Order, last but not least we have Dike who is winter and Justise. They are also descended of the Horae’s (Ωραι - literally translated as the hours).

[I have this personal opinion about how to see the Virgo attributes. I think it is best viewed through the stories of Medusa, whom I also think is misunderstood to her core. People believe Medusa was an evil monster, when in fact this is rather Medusa’s end because of ‘Venus’ anger – again these stories are very deep entangled into each other.]

On some old constellation maps Virgo is shown with corn in her hand, which is the star called Spica. In other old drawings Virgo is shown with the Scales in her hand, again depicting the star Spica. It is probably that when Virgo is holding the Corn then she is representing the Greek Olympian goddess called Demeter. Until this day authors disagree upon who it is that Virgo is represented by, which is rather interesting considering how easily the others can be identified.
But I don’t believe the constellation to be a representation of Demeter, because she is a sister to Zeus and hereby an Olympian god. Virgo could very well be Dike, because of her feelings towards the unjust (which were her earliest attributes). But I can easily see why people can’t agree upon who this figure is representing.

Dike or Astraea:
(Greek: Δίκη, meaning "justice") She is also known as Astraea (starry or "star-maiden") in Roman mythology.
Astraea was the last of the immortals to live with humans during the Golden Age. As mankind became wicked, she was the last to stay on earth, ascending to heaven to become the constellation Virgo the scales of justice she carried became the nearby constellation Libra. She is also the symbol for the Tarot Card Justice.

Dike(Trial) belonged to the Ages of the world, in that she was a representation of Going from one stage /level to the next Stage / level, these ages were classified into being called the golden age the Silver age and the Bronze age.

Old poets wrote that the three Horae sisters Dike, Eunomia and Eirene left the blood stained Earth in the Iron Age. This was an age which was defined by humanities own greed. These ages are not like our modern term of the Golden age etc,.
Actually the later Romans would use Dike and her sisters, to bring about the Golden age of the Romans. Because Dike/Astraea had departed from Earth and left her in a form of Human Chaos, then they also believed that she would return to Earth again – So when the Romans Golden age began, they thought (or was taught) that Dike (Justice) and her sisters had returned again.

Actually there are six sisters all together, and they are the Divine ark of a Human life.


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    Wow this is amazing. I didnt know anything about this constellation, but after i read this I learned sooo much thank you. I didnt know how awesome virgo is!!!!!

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    I am very happy that you liked the historical information about Virgo. Indeed Virgo is Awesome.

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    I want to see Saturn but i dont know where to find the Constellation Virgo..

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  15. Virgo is one of the most enchanting signs in the zodiac. You really gave her justice. Good work.

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    This is alot or really awesome info never knew so much about my sign virgo's are awesome :)
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