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What is Astrology?

The History of Astrology

What is Astrology
Dating from the century. 
By Piero di Puccio, made in Pisa. 
The circle shows a basic for the astrological chart. 
The nine outer circles represent the nine angle choirs, the earth is located in the middle.

What is Astrology First off, we must understand which kind of Astrology The Ancient people were interested in. 

This kind of astrology is called 'Mundane' Astrology today (Now is the time/Age of Aquarius), I personally don't know who called what back then (Except when manuscript states it). The ancient Egyptians are also known to have used 'Mundane' astrology, which is very evident (and which I will post more about later on). 

'Mundane' astrology is a 'Bigger' view of our enormous universe, meaning; Today people mostly use 'Natal astrology' which consider the 12 zodiac signs in their 12 houses, and the aspect in between. 

But our heavens are much bigger than this, and the ancient astrologers knew this too, and they created stories/myths about some of them. 

This 'Bigger' picture where/is used for making for predicting astrology, around world issues. 

This is the kind of astrology Notradamus made, and Roger Bacon and old alchemist from the 12th century also used it - Back then you could NOT be a person of a official rank, if you did not know anything about astrology and astronomy. 

 Astrology is only considered 'evil' through religions eyes when it is used for 'predicting' and other 'black arts'. 

But to follow the stars from a boat, or studying the constellations, is viewed as 'okay' though religions eyes (or at least all religious texts seems to have no trouble in talking about them, themselves.) 

What is astrology: It is a gift! 

 A tool which is so ancient that it is timeless, no clock, or other earthly device can judge another planets time and such. Astrology is watching the heavens above the blue heaven, watching Orion passing the horizon. 

Astrology can tell if you are a morning star or an evening star.
The tower of Babylon that fell Astrology came before the ancient Egyptians 

- This is a Drawing of Senemut's 'Astrological journey' tomb ceiling Egyptian Senemut was an 18th dynasty 
Ancient Egyptian architect (Someone who creates plans to be used in making something such as buildings)) architect. Senemut's masterpiece building project is the Mortuary Temple complex of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahri.

Orion of the Night Heavens


the Hunter, is probably the most recognizable Constellation image: 

It has always been known as a star image for it self, the 'Belt' or Orion is the most visible of this star image. 

In ancient Egyptian manuscripts Orion 
(/Osiris, Could be that, when one was alive one had one name,like Osiris, and when one died one was called Orion - Just a Thought). 

But overall Orion is thought of as a Hunter of the Night heavens.

Chiron in Astrology

Centaurs Also known as Chiron

In old Greek myths, Chiron was mentioned quiet often. Chiron was a Centurion, half human, half horse. 

back then they were mostly viewed as being mean, deadly and Brutal, Chiron was NOT like the other Centurions, Chiron was a different Centurions, He was an embodiment of wisdom and the teacher for men like Jason and Hercules.

In Greek mythology: Chiron, was wounded by Hercules. Though he was immortal, it is said that he invented medicine in order to heal himself. 

He taught Asclepius the art of healing, which became the source of all divine medical knowledge among the Greeks. 

Chiron was also the teacher of the hero, Achilles, who was thought to have had some special medical knowledge.

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  1. Anonymous3:35 PM

    beautiful blog, many interesting posts i found here and I'm looking forward for more... best wishes from belgrade, serbia

  2. Dear sanjaperic,

    Thank you so much, I bow in the honor of your statement. I only hope and pray that this blog will further fascinate you :)

    Karima -WB

  3. It was quite a read for me. Though I don't rely much to horoscopes but as if they know the truth in you which made it real on the other hand. However, I'm still firm on the idea that we should not put our trust into this information that much.

  4. Universe is the manifestation of ‘Divine Will and hence, is subject to interpretation. The basic premise of Astrology, therefore, is that the events in the Havens correspond to those on earth.


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