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History of Astrology

Astronomy and Astrology through the ages.

This Science is the oldest science known to mankind, and still the most mysterious science to us! 

Greece Saturn with Aquarius and Capricorn

Scholars have different opinions on 'When' Astrology came into play. 
The Iranian zodiac chart (Also because we today know, how much knowledge there still is needed)

But apparently most of them agree that astrology have its root in Babylon, but with strong influences from ancient Egypt and the later Greece. 

Babylon's first Dynasty is 'right now' placed at 1792-1750 B.C (before Christ), and Ended at around 596 B.C. 

But there were also people Before the Babylonians; about 2600 B.C the Sumerians had their empire, which also show us knowledge of Astrology/Astronomy. by looking at the found artifacts, (Click here!) one can see that they are older, scholars say they probably go back to around 5000 B.C. (personal theroy) 

(Here must be said Sumerians and Akkadians Became the Mesopotamians, which later on became the Babylonians. Again by being conquered and interrelation with the many (over numbered) Babylonians, so the next generation became second generations Babylonians.) 

The problem, is that the 'next' generation creates its own version of history, and thereby some information get lost with each man. This is why, our history today seems so confusing. 

Said in another way; 
If a culture/empire conquerors another Country/Culture, this new culture which has conquered the other, can change, what ever they like. They usually don't change the belief system, But rather one can see that for Example the Babylonians choose to practice the science of the Mesopotamian and the Sumerians, and the Akkadians. 

Then the Old inhibitors of this country get mixed with this New population, and through a few generations, the 'New' version of the belief systems is Taken as 'the normal belief system'. 

One moreAncient Zodiac charts thing can be noticed about our History, Before 'Christ's Birth' what we today call year 0, if we go 2000 years before this date, we come to see that All civilizations /cultures used animals in their writing systems, (for us this has seemed like a primitive writing, But is it?) besides this they had a knowledge about astronomy and astrology, which we can't even understand completely today. 

A science which we only could understand by the technologies that we have today, Like satellite images and computer calculations! -But somehow this science seems ordinary Back in 2000 B.C 

In the Pyramid of Senenmut's an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, In the ceiling of his tomb (can be seen in the next post: What is Astrology) there are images much like the astrological charts, that we use today! So Astronomy and Astrology, 

Also The Logical Mind half -Astronomy, verses the Creative mind half -Astrology, is probably mans birthstone here on earth!

History of Astrology
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  7. What is the history of Astrology ?
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